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If a child goes to Christian classes on every Sunday and Wednesday at Life Church for an entire year, he or she will experience 208 total hours of Christian instruction, interaction, and caring. In comparison, that same child will be exposed to an average of 4.87 hours a day on electronic devices (Barna, ages 9-12) for a total of 1,777 hours during that same year.

With all this media time, our children are being systematically robbed of purpose, meaning, hope, and true joy. We must be intentional and effective with the limited time that we have to help them develop these insights along with an ever-deepening love for God and others.

This worker equipping series will help us make the most of the time that we have to influence our children for good and to equip them for life and ministry. Our children are well worth your intentional participation. If we don’t reach them now, who will? If you have questions please contact us at or 979-849-1161.

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